Friday, January 2, 2009

Making Ornaments

The other day, my mom came over and we made ornaments of my kids hands with the kids (well, duh...can't make ornaments of their hands without them, huh?) And then we made a gingerbread house.

The kids had a blast with Gran mixing and kneading the dough for the ornaments. We had flour EVERYWHERE! It was so fun. Course I had to be there with the I'm trying to not get flour on the camera.
Here they are mixing and kneading the can see that they are intent on what they are doing, but they can always flash mommy a big smile!!

Had to get one with Gran in there! They love their Gran!

Now, they each got a turn at rolling the dough out flat. Above is Reidster and below is Cole-dog!!

Ella is very intent as well. We were laughing so hard at her because every single time I called her matter what for...she assumed I was going to take her picture and this is the smile that she flashed at me. I mean that's total "Say Cheese on demand!" Mom and I couldn't stop laughing at her. She is for sure the biggest ham in our house!

Now, we move to cutting out their worries, she didn't cut any of them!! We had to do them each I think at least 2x to get it right! But the kids were excited to get their turn.

And of course, sweet Ella....she flashed me her smile. Honestly because she kept doing it, I just kept saying her name.
Below you will see the finished product. I have to get a spray to put on them that will give them a glossy finish and help preserve them. They will go on the tree next year. I still have the one that my mom made of my hand when I was's really cool to look back over the years and watch how fast they grow. And I love that ornament even to this day of my handprint. Brings back some good memories.

Once this project was complete, we went on to make a gingerbread house. It took about 20 minutes to put together and about 5 for them to tear it apart and eat it! GROSS, I know.

Christmas Day I'm a little late on this post...but I completely went on strike this week and refused to do anything, but sit on my tush and play Wii with my kids and just chill and relax!! Afterall, Monday, it all starts, rushing here and there, karate, working out, dance, etc....

But I have to share these pictures. My sister in law bought Ella this sweet purple princess dress and the crown for Christmas and I know she and my niece are waiting to see this picture! Ella opened the present and immediately wanted to put it on. She said: "Look Mommy, I'm a princess!" And she is for sure. She is a princess on the outside as well as the inside.

This next picture is of the outfit my Aunt Wanda bought her for Christmas. I mean seriously...this could be the best outfit ever. And Ella of course wears it well.

Next we have Reid so excited to get his Tony Romo! I know, I have him totally trained...isn't it awesome?!! He was really excited when he opened this. He loves Romo and the Cowboys! I couldn't be prouder.

Next we have sweet Cole excited over his new horse set. Now, I'm not sure what happened to this picture as it's horrible quality...but it's all I got for now folks. You can still see his sweet face.

Next we have Ella in her other princess dress that she got. Now, who said a Princess can't be beautiful and hip all at the same time? Well, this little miss thing says you can! Check her out! Priceless.

We had an awesome Christmas this year. We spent time with family and just sat still and enjoyed it! We celebrated Jesus' birthday with a cake and with the story of His birth. We pray that our children will always know the true meaning of Christmas being in Christ and not in presents.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reid's 6yr photoshoot

I did my annual pictures of Reid last week. To view them, please visit Photography by April Williams.

He's a cutie for sure!!! Love you all...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy 6th Bday Reid!!!

Today my "little" Reid turned 6! I gotta tell you, I'm not sure how this happened. I kept telling him all day today that he was staying 5 and he was not allowed to turn 6. And he kept telling me that he couldn't help it. He couldn't stop growing...but he assured me that he would always be my boy and he would always give me hugs (well, that is, if no one is around to see it!).

Reid's day started off with Daddy taking him to breakfast, then off to school. Then Mommy, Cole, and Ella took him lunch and ate with him at school. We took his classmates jolly rancher candy canes. Reid opted for this over cupcakes (which he doesn't really like) or cookies (which he loves). It's funny. You may think that's weird, but I can't say anything. Ask my mom how many years I would ask for Pumpkin pie as my bday cake! I know it's crazy. I also asked for fruit pizza a couple of times myself. I'm not a big cake person. So, Reid gets 98% of everything from Bry, but I suppose that one quirky thing from me!

After school, Reid's best buddy Justin came home with us. They played for awhile before hitting the fav pizza joint! They had a blast eating and eating and eating and then playing games. And let me just say that those boys are LOUD! While we were still at home, I had to call my girl, Allie, to let her see what she was missing. Reid was BEATING/BANGING on the drums (yes, I know...who in their right mind buys their own kids a real drum set?) and J was on the PIANO. They were the Reid and Justin Rock Band they told me. Holy Cow is all I can say. Allie was sooooo sad that she was missing that fun! ;-) NOT!

Here are a few pics of Reid's day. you think they were having fun or what? Above is their silly face. Below is their "I'm so cool" face.
Now we have their sweet face.

The match off. Man...2 boys that are really competitive.

I have to add that Reid has been a complete joy in our lives. When Reid first turned 5, we had quite a few challenges with him. We had a huge learning process with him as well. He honestly taught us patience in his own way and he taught me to lean soley on Christ to be a parent. I can't do this thing called motherhood on my own strength or wisdom...because on my own I don't have enough of either. I had to learn to move past myself and my desires and stop all in life to focus on him and his needs.

By mid year, I have to say we hit a turning point with him. He has truly become such a tender hearted, sweet spirited child. I can't even put the words down that would do it justice. He has become Mommy's Boy through and through. He has a little servant's heart just like his Daddy. He has a tender heart that is becoming more evident each and every day. He loves his family more than anything. I have longed and prayed for a closeness in our family, and I am seeing that answered in Reid. He is so genuine and deeply cares about all of us.

One of the things that Reid's teacher said about Reid this year (and his teacher from last year) was that she could tell that he really loved his family and she also said that it was clear that he felt loved by his family. This is a huge compliment to a mother! I know that God has a great plan for this sweet little man. Before I know it, he will be graduating from HS and then from college. I can't wait to see what God has in store for him. I pray that Reid is always tender to God's calling...but even if and when he has to learn a few lessons the hard way, I know that He will prevail in his life in the end and that is the greatest comfort for me as his mother. Reid and I definitely share a special bond these that I pray I will have the wisdom to nurture and turn into something unbreakable.

On this day, I can't be any more thankful for my first born child. He is very special and very well loved. He is a diamond in the rough. He is God's unfinished handiwork. He is fearfully and wonderfully made. He is God's first and foremost and I (along with Bry) are honored and blessed to have the privilege of the responsibility of rearing him in Christ!

Reid, we love you love you love! Happy Birthday! And for goodness sake....quit growing up!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Shower

On Saturday morning, I woke up and got dressed for my very busy day. I started off with a photoshoot, which you can check out on my Photog Blog. Then I headed North for a Baby Shower that I helped host. My only job though was to take pictures! No pressure here, since there were a couple of photographers in the room. Anyway, it was for my sweet friend, Andrea and her precious new arrival Hannah Hope. You can view the details and all of the pics on Andrea's blog.

But I had to post these 3 pics as they are so special to me. I took the first two and then Andrea took the one of me and her together. This pic of me holding her just makes my heart melt. She is absolutely beautiful and I know that God is going to work through this precious girl tremendously. I'm so thankful that I will get to be apart of her life to watch it all unfold.

And of course....the hostesses with the mostess!!!!

After the shower....I headed home to change and then to Reid's Bday party...his pics coming soon!!!

Friday night Holiday Lights

Friday night we took our kiddos with some friends to the local firestation for their holiday lighting fun. They got to climb in a big firetruck...which as you can imagine the boys thought was way cool. They also went to Walmart and had Rudolph noses painted on them. They went into another little store and got balloons...all of which were blown away! The twin girls let their go to fly up to Jesus. Ella followed suite....however, the boys weren't quite as excited that Jesus got their balloons later in the night.

Please note that I took these with my point and shoot camera...I know...I'm the "photographer" and yet I used a consumer camera! Oh well....all that matters is that I caught some special moments!

Here are Syndi and "her girls" Seriously...she makes your heart melt!

Oh me...what handsome boys....the girls are going to come flocking them one day...oh wait, they already do that! I arrogant tonight or what about my kids? I love them!

I want to eat her in this picture, huh? I'm pretty sure that little girls just don't get cuter than this! I love her sooooo much!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Came for a visit

We were invited to some friends' house to have cookies, milk, story time, and pictures with Santa! read that right. Santa actually showed up at their house. No lie...the real Santa too. Not the elf Santa at Stonebriar or the goofy looking one at the other mall...this was the real Santa. He even brought Mrs. Claus with him. I know...if you are reading this right now, you are super jealous that you didn't get to come, but he just couldn't see everyone last night. kiddos got to enjoy seeing Santa up close and personal. The boys were really excited to thank him for his early Christmas present, Jingle! Remember, the puppy? And you won't believe it...but even ELLA couldn't wait to get on his lap. Now, let me just say that she screamed her head off at the very site of the elf Santa at Stonebriar! She cried and clung to me with her little death grip. But that's because she knew he wasn't the real Santa....I mean Duh! Though I'm not sure why she was afraid of him...she was just as big as him...really? Ok...enough...I'm being mean now!

She sat in the group of kiddos and patiently waited her turn and when he called her name, she jumped right up and sat in his lap. Now, she didn't tell him what she wanted for Christmas...but something tells me he knew.

The boys, at their turn, both thanked him for Jingle. And then Santa asked them if they wanted anything else for Christmas. Reid simply named a movie that he wants and Cole wanted a Batman guy. And the proudest, humbling moment came for mom with what Santa said next: "Is that all?" He was totally perplexed by it. Their request seemed so simple. My heart leaped. See...they got what they really wanted which was Jingle....they don't really have a long list...just a couple of small things. Keeping it simple!

The best part was that Mrs. Claus read a book about how Santa was here to deliver presents to represent the 3 Wisemen and that he was given the gift of giving by our Lord and Savior. He told them that though it's fun to get presents for Christmas...that was indeed NOT what Christmas was all about. It was about our baby Jesus being born into this world to save us. Seriously....I really love Santa now!

It was a fun evening for our kids...and then they couldn't wait to get back home to Jingle and play with her before bed. We have been blessed beyond measure.